Application Number Funding Recommendation Title Score RB4-05886 Recommended---- Mechanism and Utility of Direct Neuronal Conversion with a MicroRNA-Chromatin Switch 93 RB4-05825 Recommended---- Asymmetric stem cell division oriented by a local self-renewing signal 91 RB4-06209 Recommended---- Trop2 dependent and independent mechanisms of self-renewal in human cancer stem cells 85 RB4-06016 Recommended---- Transcriptional regulation of pluripotency in human embryonic stem cells 85 RB4-05901 Recommended---- Epigenetic regulation of human cardiac differentiation 85 RB4-06276 Recommended---- Studying Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia with patient-specific iPS cells 85 RB4-06087 Recommended---- Energy metabolism and aging pathways in human stem cell reprogramming and differentiation 84 RB4-06036 Recommended---- Prostaglandin pathway regulation of self-renwal in hematopoietic and leukemia stem cells 84 RB4-05763 Recommended---- Long noncoding RNAs for pluripotency and cell fate commitment 83 RB4-06079 Recommended---- Common molecular mechanisms in neurodegenerative diseases using patient based iPSC neurons 80 RB4-06144 Recommended---- Deciphering transcriptional control of pancreatic beta-cell maturation in vitro 80 RB4-06215 Recommended---- Mechanism of heart regeneration by cardiosphere-derived cells 79 RB4-06102 Recommended---- Role of mechanical signaling in stem cell self-renewal and differentiation 78 RB4-05855 Recommended---- Modeling disease in human embryonic stem cells using new genetic tools 78 RB4-05779 Recommended---- Regulation of Epidermal Self-Renewal and Differentiation by Histone and DNA Demethylases. 77 RB4-05990 Recommended---- Investigation of the role of O-GlcNAcylation in SOX2 function during reprogramming 76 RB4-06133 Recommended---- Understanding the status of the X chromosomes in human ESCs and preimplantation embryos 76 RB4-06345 Recommended---- Role of the NMD RNA Decay Pathway in Maintaining the Stem-Like State 75 RB4-06035 Recommended---- A new paradigm of lineage-specific reprogramming 75 RB4-06045 Recommended---- Stem cell models to analyze the role of mutated C9ORF72 in neurodegeneration 75 RB4-06028 Recommended---- Genetic dissection of human cellular reprogramming to pluripotency 73 RB4-06158 Not recommended---- DECIPHERING THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR VERTEBRATE HSC SPECIFICATION AND AMPLIFICATION. 71 RB4-06093 Recommended---- Stem Cell Mechanisms Governing Discrete Waves of Gliogenesis in the Childhood Brain 71 RB4-06277 Not recommended---- Modeling Alexander disease using patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells 70 RB4-06239 Not recommended---- Generation of MILS syndrome neurons to explore therapies for mitochondrial DNA disease 70 RB4-06275 Not recommended---- Genome Architecture in the Human ES cells 68 RB4-05764 Not recommended---- Induction of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Pacemaking Cells 68 RB4-06052 Not recommended---- Gene regulatory mechanisms underlying development of human neural crest 68 RB4-06041 Recommended---- Phenotyping Human Astrocytes in Health and Disease 68 RB4-06088 Not recommended---- Contribution of MeCP2 to synaptic defects in Autism Spectrum Disorders 67 RB4-06117 Not recommended---- In Vitro 3D Model of Vascular Diseases 67 RB4-06071 Not recommended---- Protein Homeostasis as a Critical Mediator of Stem Cell Function 65 RB4-05785 Recommended---- 3D Modeling of Retina using Polymer Scaffolds for Understanding Disease Pathogenesis 65 RB4-06256 Not recommended---- Mechanisms protecting self-renewal of human hematopoietic stem cells 65 RB4-06107 Not recommended---- Stem cell modeling of retinal degeneration phenotypes in spinocerebellar ataxia type 7 64 RB4-06244 Recommended---- Mechanisms to protect hESC-derived cells from allogenic immune rejection 64 RB4-05970 Not recommended---- Lineage Specific Cardiac Progenitor Cells for Therapy of Left vs. Right Heart Failure 64 RB4-05861 Not recommended---- Identification and validation of biomarkers in autism using adult stem cells and iPS cells 64 RB4-06323 Not recommended---- Inhibitory phosphatase signaling enables leukemia stem cell self-renewal 63 RB4-06012 Not recommended---- Integrated signaling by biochemical and physical cues for chondroinduction of hMSCs -- RB4-05883 Not recommended---- Exploring the role of WNT signaling in neural progenitor cells -- RB4-06207 Not recommended---- Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as a Model for Childhood-onset Hereditary Motor Neuropathy. -- RB4-05839 Not recommended---- Analysis of ocular disease in familial adenomatous polyposis using pluripotent stem cells -- RB4-06369 Not recommended---- Identifying cellular phenotypes in Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (PMDS) using iPSCs -- RB4-05746 Not recommended---- Mechanisms in Metabolic Control of Stem Cell Differentiation and Function -- RB4-06160 Not recommended---- In vitro and In vivo Functional Modeling of LeukoiPS Cells -- RB4-05828 Not recommended---- Molecular Regulation of Stem Cell Quiescence -- RB4-05816 Not recommended---- The Role of Higher-Order Chromosome Structure in Pluripotency and Reprogramming -- RB4-06200 Not recommended---- Control of pluripotency and reprogramming by a unique PolIII complex -- RB4-05753 Not recommended---- Engineering human endothelium for hematopoietic stem cell production. -- RB4-06163 Not recommended---- Role of cardiac extracellular microenvironment in stem cell maturation and survival -- RB4-05930 Not recommended---- Regeneration of enamel forming ameloblasts from human non-dental epithelial cells -- RB4-06326 Not recommended---- Mechanisms to generate functional replacement β-cells from multipotent human stem cells -- RB4-05997 Not recommended---- Molecular Determinants of Human Brown Fat Lineage Specification and Reprogramming -- RB4-06146 Not recommended---- Isolation and Function of Adult Human Lung Stem Cells -- RB4-05795 Not recommended---- ALTernative Telomere Maintenance in Stem Cells -- RB4-06196 Not recommended---- Combinatorial roles of transcription factors, signaling, and miRNAs in naive pluripotency -- RB4-05788 Not recommended---- Dissecting the molecular and cellular mechanisms of Alagille Syndrome -- RB4-05877 Not recommended---- Self Renewal and Differentiation of Human Endometrial Mesenchymal Stem Cells -- RB4-06337 Not recommended---- Stem Cells and Reprogrammed Fibroblasts in the Search for Mitochondrial Disease Treatments -- RB4-06271 Not recommended---- Characterization of retinal precursor cells using pluripotent stem cell-derived cultures -- RB4-05936 Not recommended---- Mechanobiology of aged stem cells: A foundation for improved bone healing in the elderly -- RB4-06192 Not recommended---- Investigating the mechanisms of oocyte-based and factor-based reprogramming -- RB4-06332 Not recommended---- Whole-genome analysis of sequence variation in stem cell culture and differentiation --