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Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building
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Awards to the Institution

Award Value
New Cell Lines: Long-cheng Li Induction of pluripotent stem cells by small RNA-guided transcriptional activation $1,368,461
New Cell Lines: Susan Fisher Optimization of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derivation Techniques and Production/Distribution of GMP-Grade Lines $1,383,419
Disease Team Research I: Mitchel Berger Stem Cell-Mediated Oncocidal Gene Therapy of Glioblastoma (GBM) $6,214,914
Early Translational II: Markus Muschen Dual targeting of tyrosine kinase and BCL6 signaling for leukemia stem cell eradication $2,756,536
Early Translational II: Arturo Alvarez-Buylla Inhibitory Nerve Cell Precursors: Dosing, Safety and Efficacy $1,564,016
SEED Grant: Didier Stainier Endodermal differentiation of human ES cells $611,027
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Labeling of human embryonic stem cells with iron oxide nanoparticles and fluorescent dyes for a non-invasive cell depiction with MR imaging and optical imaging $240,214
SEED Grant: Thea Tlsty Role of the tumor suppressor gene, p16INK4a, in regulating stem cell phenotypes in embryonic stem cells and human epithelial cells. $614,784
Comprehensive Grant: Randall Lee Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Therapies Targeting Cardiac Ischemic Disease $2,424,353
Comprehensive Grant: Andrew Leavitt Understanding hESC-based Hematopoiesis for Therapeutic Benefit $2,460,822
New Faculty II: Emmanuelle Passegue Mechanisms Underlying the Responses of Normal and Cancer Stem Cells to Environmental and Therapeutic Insults $2,124,488
New Faculty II: Ophir Klein Laying the groundwork for building a tooth: analysis of dental epithelial stem cells $3,075,251
New Faculty II: Jeremy Reiter High throughput modeling of human neurodegenerative diseases in embryonic stem cells $2,259,092
New Faculty II: Holger Willenbring Molecular dissection of adult liver regeneration to guide the generation of hepatocytes from pluripotent stem cells $2,832,008
New Faculty II: Robert Blelloch Mechanisms of small RNA regulation in early embryonic development $2,790,695
SEED Grant: Linda Giudice Human Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation to Trophoblast: Basic Biology and Clinical Translation to Improve Human Fertility $614,784
SEED Grant: Valerie Weaver Force, Dimensionality and Stem Cell Fate $529,762
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein MGE Enhancers to Select for Interneuron Precursors Produced from Human ES Cells $1,387,800
New Faculty Physician Scientist: Tippi MacKenzie In Utero Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Congenital Anomalies $2,661,742
Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling: Jacquelyn Maher iPSC-derived Hepatocytes as Platforms for Research in Viral Hepatitis and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis $814,976
SEED Grant: Su Guo Metabolomic Signatures of Pluripotent Cell Lines $542,619
SEED Grant: Miguel Ramalho-Santos Transcriptional Regulation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells $595,755
Basic Biology III: Jason Pomerantz Phenotypic Analysis of Human ES Cell-Derived Muscle Stem Cells $1,381,296
New Faculty Physician Scientist: Tippi MacKenzie In Utero Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Congenital Anomalies $36,436
Shared Labs: Linda Giudice The University of California San Francisco Shared Research and Teaching Laboratory: a Non-Federal Human Embryonic Stem Cell Resource for the Bay Area Community $2,144,758
Disease Team Planning: Jeffrey Lotz A CIRM Disease Team for the Repair of Traumatically Injured and Arthritic Cartilage $33,172
Disease Team Planning: Jeffrey Bluestone A CIRM Disease Team for the Treatment and Cure of Diabetes $55,000
Major Facilities: A. Washington UCSF CIRM Building $34,862,400
Basic Biology V: Mark Anderson Generation of a functional thymus to induce immune tolerance to stem cell derivatives $1,191,000
Basic Biology V: Valerie Weaver Biophysical Determinants of Early Embryonic Stem Cell Fate Specification $1,186,500
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Directed Vasculogenic and Cardiogenic Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells $240,214
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Differentiation of Stem Cells into ‘Systems of Neurotransmitter' Phenotypes Related to Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s Diseases: Application of High Throughput Peptidomic Approaches with Mass Spectrometry $240,214
SEED Grant: Su Guo Elucidating Chemotropic Responses of Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Guidance Cues $542,619
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Study of TBX3 Function in human Embryo Stem (hES) Cell Differentiation and Identification of Genome-Wide TBX3 Promoter Binding-Sites with the CHIP-GLAS Promoter Array $240,214
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Characterizing and identifying hESCs and their derivatives by Raman imaging $240,214
SEED Grant: Miguel Ramalho-Santos Derivation of New Human Embryonic Cell Lines in Full Compliance with Current FDA Regulatory Guidance $595,755
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Stress response signaling pathways in hESCs $240,214
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Adhesion Molecule Function in Human Hematopoietic Development $240,214
SEED Grant: Didier Stainier The consequences of chromosome imbalance: using a trisomic human embryonic stem cell line to determine the primary defects in individuals trisomic for chromosome 13 (Patau syndrome) $611,027
SEED Grant: Didier Stainier Use of small organic molecules to enhance, control, and understand survival and self renewal of human embryonic stem cells in vitro $611,027
SEED Grant: Didier Stainier Characterization of factors involved in the regulation of chromatin structure and human stem cell pluripotency $611,027
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link HLH Factors in Human Embryonic Stem Cells $240,214
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells for the Study of Myelin Regeneration $240,214
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Engineering system platforms for human stem cell maintenance and differentiation $240,214
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Predifferentiation of human embryonic stem cells for CNS cortical applications $240,214
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link New Strategies to Understand Reprogramming Events in the Donor Nuclei Following Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer $240,214
SEED Grant: Miguel Ramalho-Santos Fate and connectivity of HESCs in temporal lobe disorders. $595,755
SEED Grant: Miguel Ramalho-Santos Proteomics of the Oxidative Stress Response in Embryonic Stem Cells $595,755
SEED Grant: Miguel Ramalho-Santos Optimizing human embryonic stem cell-derived neural stem/progenitor cells for stroke cell therapy $595,755
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein Pioneer Factor Interactions at Tissue-Specific Enhancers in Pluripotent Cells $1,387,800
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein Antagonizing aging and senescence of myocardial stem cells with Pim-1 kinase $1,387,800
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein Novel role for Akt1 activation/translocation in mitochondria as regulator of hES cells $1,387,800
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein Basic Mechanisms Underlying Human Cardiac Cell-Cell Junction Differentiation in Human iPSC $1,387,800
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein Epigenetic switches: molecular mechanisms underlying transitions between epigenetic states $1,387,800
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein Pluripotent state and its relationship to cancer stem cells in human gliomas $1,387,800
SEED Grant: Robert Blelloch In Vitro Differentiation of Human ES cells to Endoderm for Engraftment in Lung $605,886
SEED Grant: Linda Giudice Mechanisms of hESC derived MSCs and BMSSCs to regenerate bone tissue $614,784
SEED Grant: Linda Giudice Development of the Stem Cell Matrix, a Shared Database of Stem Cell Information $614,784
SEED Grant: Su Guo Metabolomic Signatures of Pluripotent Cell Lines $542,619
SEED Grant: Su Guo Instructive Biomaterials for Stem Cell Differentiation $542,619
SEED Grant: Su Guo Manipulation of Hedgehog signaling in early human embryos $542,619
SEED Grant: Su Guo Alteration of pre-mRNA splicing during stem cell differentiation $542,619
SEED Grant: Valerie Weaver Development of a novel human embryonic stem cell (hESC) model of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) $529,762
SEED Grant: Valerie Weaver Control of Herpes Simplex Virus latency by cellular DNA repair proteins $529,762
SEED Grant: Miguel Ramalho-Santos Integrin ligation in human ESC (hESC) proliferation and fate determination $595,755
SEED Grant: Heike Daldrup-Link Proteome-wide Profiling of Ubiquitination and Sumoylation in Human Embryonic Stem Cells $240,214
Basic Biology II: John Rubenstein Molecular regulation of cell survival and cellular interactions of pluripotent stem cells $1,387,800


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